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For a balanced & aligned mind

Are you plagued by negative thinking and self-judgment in the saddle? Do you reflect on the past or worry about the future? Does your horse feed off your negativity and anxiety? Would you like to be more present in the moment, and less 'in your head'?


Mindfulness is a modern concept, with routes in Buddhism, that describes the adoption of a new mindset, which can alter one's mood and outlook , and can be a powerful tool in the management of stress and anxiety. ​

Being mindful focuses your awareness on the present moment, while calmly acknowledging and accepting your feelings, thoughts, emotions, and bodily sensations. Through practicing mindfulness, we can learn to be aware of our thoughts and emotions, without creating a story or dialogue in heads, which often make associations to the past or future, and can influence how we manage, or react to, people, situations, and our horses!

Being mindful is also about adopting a compassionate, grateful and non-judgemental mindset towards yourself and others.

Who would benefit from mindfulness?

In short, everyone! But particularly if you:

  • would like help managing stress and anxiety, and its emotional, physical and/or behavioural effects

  • feel the need to be in control and/or fear change 

  • have trouble with mood swings/irritability

  • have trouble being in the present moment 

  • feel overwhelmed with internal dialogue/thoughts, and feel 'trapped' in your head

  • would like to be more grateful, compassionate and non-judgemental

How does it work?

Through a variety of different exercises, we can learn to adopt a 'mindful' approach to each day and situation we encounter. It is not a quick fix, nor the sole answer, but if the concepts, exercises and mind set are applied and reinforced on a daily basis, the result becomes a feature of your life, which can lead to permanent change. A typical Mindfulness 1-2-1 session or workshop may include:

  • guided meditations

  • journaling / written reflection-based exercises

  • affirmations

  • breathing exercises

  • discussing and practicing practical Mindful strategies to help with:

    • general stress and anxiety

    • specific difficult situations in your personal or work life

    • unwanted or unhelpful thoughts

    • becoming more compassionate, grateful and non-judgemental

    • living in the present moment

Is it right for me?

It may be that how you are feeling right now requires the help of a qualified mental health profession and/or your GP. I will discuss this with you if she feels this is the case. This does not mean that Mindfulness isn't appropriate for you, but it may mean you also need the assistance of other professionals and therapies in dealing with your emotional wellbeing right now.

Mindfulness & Bodywork

Stress and anxiety often leads to physical tension, pain and inflammation within the body. The neck, jaw, shoulders and pelvis are all common areas that are affected by mental ill-heath and muscular tension. Our breath can become shallow and short, can be felt high up in the chest and neck as supposed to deep in the abdomen. This has an effect on our whole bodily systems. 

I offer mindfulness sessions combined with various bodywork options to address both the emotional and physical effects of stress and anxiety.



1-2-1 Mindfulness Coaching 

Video call (45 mins) - £35

Mindfulness & Massage

currently unavailable during lockdown

60 min session - 30 min Mindfulness, 30 min remedial neck, back, shoulder & Jaw soft tissue work £45

90 min session - 30 min Mindfulness, 60 min full body soft tissue work/massage £70

2 hr session - 40 mins Mindfulness, 60 min full body soft tissue work/massage, Psoas self-release £90

* The psoas muscle is a deep core muscle integral to our fear response, connecting our physical and emotional help. In this session you will learn a gentle, non-intrusive way to allow the psoas to release and rejuvinate spontaneously. Read more about how working with the Psoas can benefit your physical and emotional health here.