As a rider, it is important that we are able to use our bodies in a way that is free from restrictions and imbalances. We need optimal range of motion through all of body, as well as strength, body awareness, stability and stamina. By striving for these, we can ensure better harmony, balance and biomechanics for both ourselves and our horse. We expect our horse to be in good physical health, so let's help them to live up to our asks and desires by improving and working on ourselves.

Join Centaur Fitness to stay strong, supple and straight in the saddle! 3 online live classes a week.


Tuesday 7pm - Pilates PLUS+ focusing on improving your core and pelvic stability and seat muscle strength

Thursday 7pm - Stability Balls - big ball fun to improve your balance, body awareness and whole body strength and stability

Sunday 7pm - Yoga PLUS+ - top to toe mobility work to stay supple in the saddle, as well as breathwork and relaxation to chill the mind

£8.50 drop in, or for £47 per month, have access to all 3 classes a week - catch up or rewatch via the private FB group, with lots of extra support and resources. That works out less than £4 a class! Drop me a message to find out more or book your spot.