Woman Riding a Horse


For a balanced & aligned body

Have you ever stopped to think seriously about how your body affects the equine athlete underneath you?​

Does your instructor regularly give you the same feedback that you just can't seem to improve on?

Does your horse have recurring body issues/pain/discomfort?

Does your horse struggle to perform certain movements?

If you are looking to improve your position and effectiveness in the saddle, as well as your partnership with your horse, then a regular rider MOT is for you.

Musculoskeletal dysfunctions in your own body will be having a direct impact on your position and capabilities in the saddle, as well as effecting your horse's physical health and performance.

Being a keen horse rider myself, I understand rider biomechanics, and am knowledgeable in how the musculoskeletal system is used and affected by riding.


Some common rider issues that can be addressed with bodywork sessions:

  • leg length difference

  • uneven weight in saddle through seat bones

  • lower back pain/stiffness

  • sciatic pain

  • hip/groin pain/tightness

  • rolled shoulders

  • upper back/neck pain

  • gripping on with knees in saddle

  • feeling stiff in hips

  • tight hamstrings & calves

  • lack of core strength

  • breathing dysfunctions

  • mobility issues

  • posture imbalances

Rider Therapy sessions include a thorough assessment and consultation to determine what areas we need to work on, and then we can get to work, using a blend of hands-on techniques and exercise therapy, tailored to each individual. As a Sports Therapist, I am also able to assess and treat a wide range of old and new muscular or skeletal injuries, as well as issues with acute or chronic pain, so don't suffer in silence!

Just as your horse receives regular bodywork sessions to keep him in tip top form and feeling at his best, every rider will benefit from regular MOTs, whether you are an elite athlete or pleasure rider.

'Pop-up' therapy and/or fitness & biomechanics sessions also available for yard visits & clinics - get in touch to find out more


Initial assessment/first treatment - £50 (1hr)

Follow-ups - £45 (45mins)

Prices also include preparation via your consultation form completed prior to first session, and any follow up emails/bespoke rehab/exercise/treatment plan as appropriate