Ridden Assessments allow me to see first hand what you need help with in the saddle, and what might be the problem. Through a range of assessments and exercises both off and on the horse, I am able to assess your musculoskeletal system for any imbalances that might be affecting your position or abilities in the saddle, and start to correct them through exercises on and off your horse. Mindfulness techniques and strategies may also play a part in ridden assessments, particularly to help with any anxiety and nervousness which may be effecting your body and position.

Ridden sessions are particularly helpful for issues such as:

Dropping a hip or shoulder

Fixing a hand

Rotating/twisting in the saddle

Feeling stiff, unbalanced or weak

Leg issues - turn out, swinging, gripping legs

Hunching / tipping forward

Feeling wonky

Leg length or position differences

Schooling issues with your horse e.g. flexing, correct canter lead, lateral work, better on one rein

Feeling anxious and nervous

I am available on weekends for individual sessions, yard visits, clinics and camps. If you are a equine professional such as an instructor, saddle fitter/saddler, that would like to collaborate, then please do also get in touch! Ridden assessments can also be combined with a therapy session if location allows.


£50 (60mins) - within 15 mile radius from Hethersett. Mileage will be added for further afield, or I may exempt if multiple bookings